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Why is a pitch raise necessary?

When a piano hasn't been tuned regularly it may need a pitch raise. Even when a piano isn't being played it is going through changes. It is a living, breathing being. Its wood expands and contracts with seasonal changes in temperature and humidity, and the string tension fluctuates accordingly.

When tuning the piano, as the tension of each string is raised back up to pitch, the additional load on the piano's structure causes the pitch of previously adjusted strings to change. The only way to achieve a fine, accurate tuning on the piano is to have the tension of all of the strings so close to their proper place that altering the tension of one strings does not affect the others. Therefore, a piano must already be fairly close to standard pitch to be finely tuned.

How far from the standard pitch must a piano be before a pitch raise is necessary?

Pianos that have been subjected to severe changes in humidity routinely need pitch raises before a fine tuning can be achieved. For example, if A-440 has drifted only two cycles per second to A-438, a separate pitch raise is advised. Most recreational musicians would want to have their pianos tuned before the pitch drops that far. Even if you aren't bothered by a slightly out of tune piano, it is best to tune the piano on a regular basis to avoid tuning instability and the extra cost of the pitch raising procedure.

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Pitch Raises

All New Type of Piano

Is is an Acoustic Piano with a Volume Control or a Digital Piano with Strings?

Yamaha's latest development stretches the imagination and opens up a whole new world of possibilities. By taking the traditional acoustic piano and incorporating LED light beams that read what you play and translate that information into a tone generator which, in turn, sends the tone of your choice to the acoustic soundboard you unlock the piano of your dreams.

You can sit at a 48" tall upright piano and have the full sound of a concert grand piano. There are no speakers, just the natural spruce wood of the piano's soundboard emitting totally natural sound.

Depress the center pedal and gain total volume control over the piano. Even wear headphones for a private performance!

It is next to impossible to put into words how amazing this new piano is. You must experience in person to fully appreciate it's versatility. In the Spokane area you can explore it for yourself at Music City.

It's amazing!

The Piano Guys

I recently tuned this Yamaha C7X for the Piano Guys. They are witty, fun, and man do they give the piano a workout!

If You Fix It...They Will Play

There are many things that can be done to restore a piano's playability. Rebushing hammer flanges brings new life to an older piano.